This post starts a series of comparisons between the Alice Bailey/Wisdom levels and those of Integral/Wilber beginning with Infrared.

In the Alice Bailey writings there are said to be 10 groups of humanity at this time.  These groups are spoken of in numerous places throughout her 26 books (written between the 1910’s to mid 1940’s).  And, they are spoken of in a little more detail in Esoteric Psychology, II (written in the 1930’s but completed and copyrighted in 1942). Her groups closely line up with the Integral levels.  In this post we will compare what is said about Group One and the Infrared Integral level.

To begin with let’s look at the Integral Map once more.

Integral Levels of Development


Here is another chart of the above.

Now, I will draw parallels between the first level known as Infrared in Integral and Group One in the Alice Bailey model. Note: these parallels will be very brief.

10 Soul Groups of Alice Bailey & Integral Connections

In Esoteric Psychology II, pp. 203 – 207, 10 groups of evolving humanity are presented.  In relation to the Integral model,  Group 5 is clearly related to Amber and Group 6 has a close connection to Orange.  (Separate posts exist on these correlations in this blog).  That leaves Groups 1 – 4, which are developmentally lower than Group 5 & 6, to be correlated to Infrared, Magenta, and Red.  It also leaves Groups 7 – 10 to be correlated to groups higher than Orange, which my further posts will reveal.

Group 1 & Infrared.

In the Alice Bailey model, Group One is said to be the lowest level of developed humanity existing at this time.  Those in this group are said in the Bailey teachings to have a very dim intelligence and are focused almost totally on survival.  Their awareness of even self as a human (let alone spiritual Self) is also said to be very limited.  In the books they are described as being more like animal man, living lives of primitive existence where survival (food, clothing, shelter) seems to be the sum total of their lives.

We are told in Esoteric Psychology, Vol II that they cannot be clumped in with Indigenous tribes as those in these tribes have a much higher understanding and comprehension of the world than those in this group have.  Thus, they seem to be of a very low order and are said to be very few in number on the planet (maybe numbering only in the 1000’s or even less than this).  We are also told that they are found mostly in the “slums” of the world trying to find a way to exist.  They are not related to Indigenous tribes, which are actually of a higher order of development.  And, they are said to possibly be connected to that very ancient race known as the Lemurians in Theosophical writings.

(To learn more about this type you can also listen to the start of Michael Robbins’  Egoic Lotus Webinar Commentaries, 3 Series).

In the Integral model we read that this about the Infrared level.


This group is focused on staying alive. What is most important to them is food, water, warmth, sex, and safety.  To quote from An Overview of Developmental Stages of Consciousness compiled by Barrett C. Brown, Integral Institute April 3, 2006, “The self is undifferentiated, meaning that it cannot take a perspective on itself and the other is seen as fused with—or not distinct from—the self. Adults at this stage are usually pre- or nonverbal and often institutionalized or completely dependent on the protection and care of others.”

In short these two very closely parallel each other and in fact the writing about both is remarkable the same with the teachings from Bailey being about 70 to 80 years before those of Integral on this grouping.

Also, here again is a map of terms that we will be increasingly using throughout the rest of this blog.

Levels and Terms

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