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Levels and Terms Chart Updated

As those of you who have been following this blog know, I keep updating the main chart I am using of Levels and Terms pertaining to the Alice Bailey and Ken Wilber levels. Here is the latest version. 

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Chela Within the Aura, III – Contact With the Master, Part Three

This post summarized the idea of what contact with a Master looks like in regards to the writings of Alice Bailey and then goes on to examine some of the potential pitfalls of the “Guru/Disciple” relationship borrowing primarily from the writings of those within the Transpersonal, Integral, and Buddhism field. These writings are particularly invaluable because they come from the real life experiences of those who have lived out these relationships, especially in modern times. 

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Chela Within the Aura, III – Contact With the Master, Part Two

This post reviews what the Alice Bailey teachings have to say about contact with a Master so that we can then compare and contrast it in a later post with what the Integral and Transpersonal fields have to say about this kind of “Guru/Disciple” relationship.

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Chela Within the Aura, III – Contact With the Master, Part One

This post lays the groundwork as we attempt to clarify the muddy waters concerning what it means to have contact with a “Master.” The post discusses where the notion of contact with a Master came from, how it has become distorted over time, and how it relates to the Buddhist idea of the outer Master (guru), the inner Master (guru), and the secret Master (guru). 

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Chela in the Aura, II – Equanimity & Increased Comprehension

This post continues our exploration of the stage known as the Chela in the Aura in regards to the Alice Bailey model and shares how to get to this level one must have equanimity and hold a very comprehensive point of view regarding many areas of understanding if they are going to be effective in solving the Problems of Humanity.  The post also shares how the Integral model includes some similarities to this stage, especially at their higher levels of development. 

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Chela Within the Aura, Overview

This post talks about the Stage of Discipleship known in the Alice Bailey teachings as Chela Within the Aura, which is related more to the 3rd Initiation (expansion of consciousness). The post also examines briefly how it may, or may not, fit with the Integral model.

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Wisdom vs. Wilber: The Problem with Levels

 This is a brief post that shares how nearly 100 years ago the Ageless Wisdom writings of Alice Bailey discussed how levels of conscious development need to be viewed in a way that avoids the step-ladder view of going from one phase to the next. 

Both in the models laid out by Alice A Bailey and Integral (even considering their four fold one), we get a visual representation as if we go from one level of consciousness to the next. For example, using the terms of Integral, you go from Red, to Amber, to Orange, to Green and so forth. When you view the model by Alice Bailey it can appear that the same kind of approach happens as you move slowly from one sub-plane onto the next.

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Wisdom vs Wilber: Buddhic Plane, III

This final post in the series of the sub-planes of the Buddhic Plane at last attempts to delineate the subtleties of what the various sub-planes might represent, while at the same time acknowledging how making distinctions on the Buddhic plane (which after all is the plane of unity) is paradoxical and perhaps erroneous at best.  

In the previous post on the Buddhic plane, I proposed my notion that no understanding of the Buddhic plane can be comprehended unless we enter into the mystery of what I called the Great Sacrifice. Here, in this post, I try to demonstrate how each sub-plane allows us to incarnate into that Great Sacrifice more fully.

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Wisdom vs. Wilber: The Buddhic Plane, II

Here I dive even further into an audacious (and perhaps considering my limited awareness — misguided) attempt to describe further what it means to reside on the Buddhic plane before attempting to describe even more specifically the various sub-planes of the Buddhic plane.  

But, first a comment. Although this blog is about comparing Integral to the Ageless Wisdom teachings, we have already seen as we traveled through the petals on the egoic lotus, that correlations between the two approaches broke down. For this reason I am drawing primarily upon the teachings as put forth in the Alice Bailey model, as well as from my own intuition.

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