The first in a series. This eBook outlines the spiritual path as it takes us through three stages:

  • Becoming Human
  • Becoming Soul
  • Becoming Spirit

Each stage is explained through text, meditations, comparative insights from various traditions, questions for contemplation and more. The information in these booklets is drawn primarily from the Theosophical writings of Alice Bailey. Other areas that inform these teachings include the writings of:

Lucille Cedercrans; Ken Wilber and the Integral movement; Paul Brunton; Paramahansa Yogananda; Swami Shivananda; Helena P. Blavatsky; Annie Besant; and esoteric teachings from Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and more.

The Journey of Spiritual Realization: Lesson One – Stages of Spiritual Growth

The first in a series. Scroll up to read description of eBook above this form to purchase it. 56 pages, charts, pictures included. This booklet will be sent as a PDF file to you within 24 hours of receipt of purchase.


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