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December 2020

The Heart’s Deep Cave – Rule One – Meditation Only

Use this meditation to help you reflect on your progress on the spiritual path as applied to Rule One of Fourteen Rules for Spiritual Growth as related to the teachings of Alice Bailey. These rules are meant to be used by those in Group Seven: Probationary Path. The meditation consists of questions for contemplation.

The Heart’s Deep Cave – Rule One

The rule focuses on examining your motive for being on the spiritual path. It is the first of Fourteen Rules found in the Alice Bailey book, Initiation Human and Solar, that those who connected to Bailey’s Group Seven: Probationary Discipleship stage are meant to follow. The video includes: Alice Bailey Comments (0:00), Dr. Lisa Love Comments (8:40) Seven Ray Types & Rule One (13:16) Questions for Contemplation (41:25)

Group Seven: Probationary Disciple, Introduction

This video summarizes where we have been prior to Group Seven and then starts the process of introducing Group Seven in regards to the stage of what is known as the Probationary Disciple. and the main themes involved. If you want to skip the summary fast forward the video.

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