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October 2020

Ageless Wisdom vs Integral – Group Six

This video compares what Alice Bailey says about her Group Six (Materialists and Aspirants) to what the Integral movement says about their Orange and Green levels of development.

Group Six: Aspirants – Difficulties on the Path

This video explores in a lot more detail the major difficulties that the Group Six Aspirant in Bailey’s model goes through as they begin to discover and start out on the spiritual path.

Group Six Quick Overview: Materialists & Aspirants

This video provides you with a more rapid summary of the the other videos on Group Six (including the videos Group Six/Materialist; Group Six/Aspirant; and Group Six/Aspirant Problems). Whereas the other videos were nearly 6 hours total in length, this video is just over an hour. The video bullet points the main characteristics of those in Group Six including the two stages of Materialists (who tend to be highly individualistic and selfish) and Aspirants (who are just stepping onto the spiritual path).

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