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June 2020

Mahabharata Course: An Esoteric Look, Class Two – Avatars

Class Two in our course on an esoteric look at the Mahabharata explores the book the Vishnu Purana that talks about the incarnations of Vishnu, that some say correspond to different stages of evolution here on our Earth. The course is presented by Dr. Lisa Love, founder of Wise Productions, Inc.

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Mahabharata Course: An Esoteric Look – Introduction

Years ago I gave an eight hour course on an esoteric look at the Mahabharata story. I have finally decided to release this course for public viewing for a limited time. I hope you enjoy it.

The Spiritual Human: Group Three

Spiritual Human: Groups One & Two

My apologies to John Malkovitch for not mentioning him correctly in the video clip shared within this video.

Spiritual Human: Introduction to the Ten Evolutionary Groups

Spiritual Human Three Stages of Growth

The video has been redone to solve some of the sound issues. It sounds better than my last try of this, but for some reason it sounds better when I replay it on my laptop than it does on YouTube. I am still trying to figure out how to improve it some more. For now this will have to do.

The Spiritual Human: Seven Stages of Spiritual Evolution

The third class in my video series on my book The Spiritual Human. This one provides an overview of the seven stages of the Alice Bailey model.

Alice Bailey Model: An Introduction

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