After we Become Human it is time to shift our identify and become a Soul. This book reveals the process of giving birth the Soul and for a time will be free on this blog. 

The Bailey teachings divide the spiritual path into three major sections. First, we become an Integrated Personality capable of being fully effective in the world. This stage was explored already in my first book Becoming Human. Second, we learn to give  birth to the Soul by gradually infusing our personality with Soul qualities. That process is explored in this book titled Becoming Soul.  More and more as we become a Soul-Infused Personality we give birth to the something known as the  Monad, where our consciousness is no longer just planetary, but more Kosmic in nature. That process will be talked about in an upcoming book titled Becoming Spirit. Though all three books draw heavily from the spiritual evolution model put forward by Alice Bailey, an attempt is made to compare the Bailey model with other models of spiritual evolution, primarily those of Integral, Theosophy, Psychosythesis, Sri Aurobindo and some others.

I hope you enjoy it and for a time it will be free of charge on this website.

Becoming Soul: Moving into the Spiritual Life


  1. Origin of the Models: Bailey and Wilber
  2. Bailey Model Overview
  3. Wilber Model Overview
  4. The Problem With Levels
  5. The Main Terms
  6. Who is Alice Bailey’s Tibetan?

(Note: For a summary of the Physical and Emotional Planes go to Book One: Becoming Human).


  1. The Mental Plane: Overview
  2. The Mental Plane: Specifics
  3. Probationary Discipleship — 7th Subplane of Mental Plane
  4. First Initiation – Initiation Defined
  5. Probationary Discipleship — 6th Subplane of Mental Plane
  6. Chela in the Light — 5th Subplane of the Mental Plane
  7. The First Initiation

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