After we Become Human it is time to shift our identify and become a Soul. This book reveals the process of giving birth the Soul and for a time will be free on this blog. 

Decades before the fields of Transpersonal Psychology and the Integral movement cane into being, Alice Bailey put forth a model of human and spiritual evolution. This book is an attempt to more coherently put forward the second stage, that of becoming a Soul. It also bridges her ideas with other models of spiritual evolution, primarily those of Integral, Theosophy, Psychosynthesis, Sri Aurobindo and more!

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the Bailey model please read my latest book, which for a time being is for free online. The Spiritual Human. It gives a good overview of her entire system.

NOTE: This book is in the process of being re-organized and edited. Until it is finished certain sections might seem disjointed. 

Becoming Soul: Moving into the Spiritual Life



SECTION ONE: Dislodging From the Material World

SECTION TWO: Search for Guidance

SECTION THREE: Mind Held Steady in the Light

SECTION FOUR: Light Breaks Through

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