At last we begin the process of going up the subplanes of each plane. In this post I explain the Physical Plane overall. Then I give more details regarding the 7th and 6th subplanes of the Physical Plane.

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At last I will begin the process of attempting to explain what each level or plane of the Bailey model means in the way of human development. Beginning with the Physical Plane, I will go up subplane by subplane in an attempt to discover what states of consciousness apply at each subplane (or sub-level). On the Physical Plane this is not so hard to grasp because all of us exist in physical bodies, and most people identify themselves with their physical bodies, finding it difficult to perceive that they are more than a physical being. For starters here then is the Bailey model again.

7 Levels of Bailey Simplified and Complete

For starters then let’s look in more detail at the Physical Plane level itself and the seven different subplanes, or sub-levels, listed there. Start by looking to the words in the chart below. Going from the lowest subplane upward notice the three words connected to the lowest subplane: Dense, Liquid and Gaseous. Then you see a dotted line and above that line. The sub-planes above that line are considered more “etheric” in nature and are labeled as the Fourth, Third, Second and First Ethers. They are also listed as the Etheric, Super-Etheric, Sub-Atomic, and Atomic subplanes. The etheric planes are similar to what is known as the vital or energy body. These levels bring vitality or energy into the physical body. Sometimes that vitality is also know as chi or prana. When we can keep the physical body (made up of the gaseous, liquid, and dense levels) full of vitality, energy, radiance and magnetism, we can keep the physical body in better shape for longer. To let you know what most people see when they claim to see an aura, is actually just the radiation of this vitality or energy body and does not reflect the higher levels of consciousness. As we gain more mastery of this vital body its radiance expands to the higher etheric levels, making people highly “magnetic” to other people, for better or worse, depending on their overall level of consciousness.

Physical Plane

As for the triangle that you see in the chart it is a reflection of all the triangles that exist in the other planes above it. The dotted lines connecting all the triangles together imply that all the levels, or planes, interpenetrate and intersect. Around the triangle you see various initials in color. If you look to the lower left end of the chart, you will see that these letters indicate various chakras. The chakras are considered to be “wheels” or vortices of etheric energy that interpenetrate the glands and organs of the physical body. That is the main reason you see them all listed above the dotted line, because these centers, or chakras, exist within the etheric, super-etheric, sub-atomic, and atomic levels.

The last thing you see on the chart above listed in blue are the words Physical Permanent Atom right next to a small circle on the top level of the Physical Etheric Plane (the Atomic level also known as the First Ether). This represents one of thee “permanent atoms” that are comprised of a Mental Permanent Atom, an Emotional Permanent Atom, and a Physical Permanent Atom. The idea behind the permanent atoms is that after any human life the sum total of the mental, emotional and physical experiences are “summed” up, so to speak, and “stored” within these permanent atoms. Perhaps another way to see them is something analogous to the DNA code. The tone, color, and qualities are stored within these atoms and are said to later set the tone, predisposition, or “code” for the reincarnated life to come. Since I have just mentioned the word reincarnation, I should make it clear that the Bailey model asserts reincarnation to be a fact. Having said this, I should stress that how most people perceive reincarnation is too simplistic. And, people may be confused to discover that Bailey views both reincarnation and resurrection as true. Though I do not have time here to speak more at length about how Bailey views reincarnation, just simply get the idea of how the permanent atoms store the essential “lessons” so to speak of each and every life.

Next we will consider the chart of the colors that I have assigned to these subplanes. Though it is difficult for me to illustrate this, the idea is that as you master and purify your vital and physical bodies, they would become lighter, more etheric, and less dense in nature. That is one reason I have assigned dark and dense colors at the bottom (deliberately picking the color known as “prune” on the color wheel because I found the name amusing), and the lighter colors such as Blush and Sky Magenta at the top. This is not meant to imply that someone with a very refined physical body will have primarily Sky Magenta coloring. First of all, the colors I am proposing here do not come from Bailey’s writings and are not meant to be consider as fact. They are simply theoretical ideas put forward by me in an attempt to better visualize these processes.

Physical Plane Colors

I also tried to show this earlier in Figures 1 & 2, when I was talking about how people in general contain many levels (planes and subplanes) all at once. Keeping this in mind we may see that someone could be very refined at a Physical and Etheric level.  But, that does not mean the person is refined at the levels above. For example, athletes or dancers could be very refined physically because much of their conscious attention is spent on maintaining the vitality, strength, flexibility, health and looks of the physical and etheric bodies. But, that does not mean the person is very evolved at other levels. Figure 3 below is attempting to show this using colors that mostly come from the higher levels of the Physical Plane, while also using colors that show the person is mainly focused at the emotional and lower mind levels that comprise the personality.

Figures One Two Three

Now that you have more understanding of the Physical Plane overall, I would like to go into the specifics of the Physical subplanes. Through the rest of this chapter we will move from the bottom subplanes to the top and give some general guidelines for what each level may be associated with. Also, to let you know in this book I am using the word 7th subplane for every level of every major plane as a reference to the lowest level of that plane. As for the 1st subplane, that will always refer to the level at the top.

Prune — 7th Subplane Physical Plane

Prune 7th Subplane of Physical

EarthAs we take a closer look at this subplane we see that there are a few things associated with it. Once again this is known as the dense level. That is because it is the densest part of the Physical Plane and represents the densest part of any physical body. We also see that this level of the body or physical plane is connected with the Alta Major Center. The Alta Major Center is said to be associated with the medulla, which is said to be one of the oldest parts of the human brain. Esoterically, this is where the ancient layers of early human consciousness reside when humans were mainly focused upon the survival of the physical body. In many systems (such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead) outside of Bailey’s model, the dense levels are correlated with the element of Earth. One reason I have given this subplane the color Prune is because it is reddish brown, or earthy in color, and because the name Prune is a word many people use when they talk about how the physical body looks at the end of life when this dense level is withdrawing from the body.

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Some years ago, I created a video series on death. In that series I talked about what happens during the death process. I drew my findings in the video from what is frequently observed by hospice workers and correlated these findings with what is taught in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and and the Bailey model. When we are young, and have a healthy physical body, as shown in the picture here, we seem to be “denser” physically. For example, we have stronger bones and teeth and greater muscle mass. As we age, especially between age 60 to 90 or beyond, our teeth, bones and muscle mass get more frail precisely because there is a withdrawal of energy from this lower 7th level of the physical plane. Though the person is still alive, we might see all of this as a sign that the Soul (Egoic Lotus) within the personality is beginning to withdraw itself causing this breaking apart of the density of the 7th subplane of the Physical Plane to happen.

Maroon — 6th Subplane Physical Plane

Maroon 6th Subplane of Physical

WaterThe next subplane of the Physical Plane is connected to liquid, the pituitary body, and in the Tibetan Book of the Dead to the element of water. This subplane is very much connected then with the fluids that exist within the physical body. These fluids are related to the water in the body, as well as the blood and various fluids connected with the glands and the lymph system.

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The pituitary body (or gland really) connected here has to do with the capacity of the person to organize and coordinate most of the major systems of the rest of the body. When a person ages and gets closer to death we are told that the body can increasingly lose its coordinating capacity. Also, as death approaches it is common to first lose control of the bodily fluids. People may even become incontinent and dribble and drool. This mirrors the process of when we are babies and have to learn to coordinate our bodies by teaching ourselves to no longer drool. As babies we alos have to gain control of our fluids by learning to drink and go to the bathroom on our own. As people age they lose their connection to this liquid subplane. The fluid loss is first seen in the thinner of their skin making it spot and even tear easier. Finally, the closer we come to actual death, the more the tongue and lips can thicken making the capacity to take in fluids more and

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According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, people at this phase of the dying process are said to view the world itself more like a haze or a fog. People can even become confused as to whether they exist in the Physical Plane, because more and more the physical world looks like a dream to them. Some even report that the world around them looks watery and dream like in nature. This may be a sign that they are starting to shift their everyday consciousness onto the Emotional Plane (or Astral Plane), which is often said to be more dreamlike with greater fluidity and plasticity than the Physical Plane has. The correspondence of this subplane to the Emotional Plane shows how each subplane on every plane is said to be correspond to the higher plane above it. For example, the gaseous level of the 5th subplane of the Physical Plane is connected with the 5th Plane of the Mental. The 4th subplane of the Physical Plane is connected with the 4th Plane of the Buddhic Plane and so forth.

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