Before we become a Soul in the Ageless Wisdom teachings we have to learn to become fully human by becoming what Bailey calls an Integrated Personality. Yet, most of humanity, according to Ageless Wisdom and Integral theorists, have not reached this stage.  What does it mean to become an Integrated Personality? What will humanity look like when it gets there? This book looks at what it means to become a human at this stage of development and for a time will be free on this blog. 

Decades before the fields of Transpersonal Psychology and the Integral movement cane into being, Alice Bailey put forth a model of human and spiritual evolution. This book is an attempt to more coherently put forward the first stage, that of becoming an Integrated Personality. To let you in this book I am bridging her ideas with other models of spiritual evolution, primarily those of Integral, Theosophy, Psychosynthesis, Sri Aurobindo and some others.

I hope you enjoy it and for a time it will be free of charge on this website.

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the Bailey model please read my latest book, which for a time being is for free online. The Spiritual Human. It gives a good overview of her entire system.

The Integrated Personality: Initial Stages of Spiritual Growth

  1. Group One: Infant Humanity
  2. Group Two: Child Humanity
  3. Groups One & Two: Correlations to Integral Model
  4. Group Three: Rebel Humanity
  5. Group Four: Conformist Humanity
  6. Group Five: The Enforcers
  7. Group Six: Integrated Personality Emerges
  8. Group Six: Integrated Personality in Crisis
  9. Group Six: The Spiritual Aspirant

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