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April 2016

Integral Meditation – Wisdom vs. Wilber

In April 2016, Ken Wilber released his new book Integral Meditation, which relates how mindfulness practice needs to be applied developmentally through the various levels he uses. In the audio webinar of this book aired first on April 7th, Wilber claims that these levels have never been revealed before. Well, actually, they have! As this blog shows, they were talked about over 80 years ago through the Ageless Wisdom tradition. This blog shows how Wilber’s new book aligns with these teachings and shows again, where he still needs to catch up.  

In a bold statement, Ken Wilber declares in his April 7th Webinar, that there isn’t just one form of one size fits all mindfulness, there are up to seven or eight different experiences of mindfulness. And, by acknowledging how there are different levels, we see mindfulness meditation changes in very dramatic ways. In a very excited tone he then goes on to declare that not a single meditation system anywhere in the world has any record of his groundbreaking development work.  Unfortunately for Wilber’s excited attitude, that is very far from true. Not only has the Ageless Wisdom teachings had these levels in place for a long time (and much more beyond the eight Wilber is now professing), they have taught different modes of meditation for the various levels and even what may be considered “lines” in Wilber’s system, for a very, very long time as well.

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Types – Rays vs Enneagram

Though the Enneagram was not at first considered a type system, through the works of people like Helen Palmer and especially Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, the type aspect has become a very popular psycho-spiritual tool. Less well known than the Enneagram, the Seven Ray Types have similarly a great deal to offer, and this post we compare and contrast the two.

Though there are many type systems, two stand out in terms of their evolutionary application. The nine different Enneagram types evolve through nine different levels. The seven different Ray types, likewise evolve through many levels. Both, have a lot to offer in the way of helping an individual understand their own unique way of becoming more spiritual. And, this helps those who are already aware of to some extent the basics of these two type systems, see what they have in common.

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Chela on the Thread: Continuity of Consciousness – Wisdom vs. Wilber

This post is the last in the series on Six Stages of Discipleship in regards to Stage Four, Chela on the Thread. The post talks about continuity of consciousness, which is the ability to remain aware of who we really are spiritually at all times.

In the Integral model continuity of consciousness might best be explained as remaining continually aware of Suchness, Emptiness, the Void, Nonduality and so forth.  In the Ageless Wisdom teachings one becomes aware of what is known as “the Monad,” which is your essential spiritual essence. The secret is to become consistently aware of both your non-dual nature (the unmanifest) and at the same time deepen your understanding of the dual (the manifest world).  The end result is I AM That I AM, which is both non-dual/dual simultaneously existent in  your consciousness at all times.

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